Beaded Bookmark Tutorial

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here’s a tutorial for making an easy, inexpensive gift for the special lady in your life. It’s a method I created for making a satin cord bookmark. (People still read printed books, right?) 🙂

Here's the finished product - read on for the instructions!

Supplies: Satin cord, pendant, large-hole beads, glue, and scissors.

1. Start with approximately 2 feet of satin cord. String a pendant on one end, and leave about a 2″ tail. Tie an overhand knot with both cord ends, and snug it close to the pendant.

Snug your knot up tight, and leave a little tail of cord.

2. String a large-hole bead over both cord tails. Place a drop of glue as shown below, and smudge it around with your finger. (The glue will keep your cord end from slipping out later.)

Place a dab of glue like so.

3. Snug the bead down, clip the extra tail off as close to the bead as possible, and then tie an   overhand knot as close to the bead as possible. This effectively hides the raw cord end.

Like this. See, no raw cord end!

4. Now for the end of the bookmark. Slide on two or more large-hole beads. Tie a double overhand knot on the end of cord, and leave about a 2″ tail.

Double knot like so

5. Snug the knot tight.

6. Slide the tail up through the bead closest to the knot. Place a drop of glue as pictured below, and pull both strands tight. Snip the tail end as close to the bead as possible.

Almost done now!

7. Slide the final beads down to end of the bookmark, and secure them with an overhand knot over the final bead.

Et voila! Look, ma, no raw cord ends!

Why don’t you make one for your mom? You know she will like it, because you made it!

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Totally Changeable Necklace: Single- or Multi-Strand, with Pendant or Not!

Here’s a method I thought of to make a totally convertible necklace – you can add as many or few strands as you like and take pendants on and off. Use whatever combination you want, whenever you want!

Here’s how I did it: (Please note this is not meant to be a complete necklace-making tutorial, that’s a lesson for another day!)

1. Start with a clasp of your choice, along with some keychain-style jump rings, and two lobster clasps.

2. Open your jump ring slightly and feed on to one end of your clasp. This may be difficult to do, but just be patient, and you can get it if you have a steady hand (and a strong thumbnail)!

This is what it will look like in progress.

3. Before you finish feeding on the jump ring, take a lobster clasp and feed it on as well. Now slide them both on the jump ring like you would a set of keys on a keychain.

It will look like this.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other end of your clasp.

Additional jump rings are clipped on with the lobster claw – these jump rings will soon be the ends of the necklace strands on both sides of the strands.

5. Make as many or few necklace strands as you want – but here’s the key – each strand will start and end with a jump ring. There will be no clasps on any strand.

Feed your jewelry wire through a crimp bead, through a jump ring, and back through the crimp bead.

Using your crimping pliers, crimp the crimp bead firmly. Repeat on the other end of the strand, using a jump ring for the end of the strand as well.

Clip each end of the strand to each lobster clasp. Then add on as many other strands as you like.

Here’s what the back of the necklace looks like.

And that’s it! I hope you liked my tutorial. Happy Beading!

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Upcycled Dollhouse Light Fixtures

Here’s an easy idea for making dollhouse light fixtures; and it’s practically free, and oh so green. Twist off an old cap from a dish soap bottle, and clean it well.

Like this...

Now, split the two pieces apart. It’s easy. Just pull lightly.

Like so. Are you starting to see it?

Next, spray paint the colored top. Leave the base alone.

Gather two beads, some fishing line, and some jewelry chain.

First, we’ll work with the spray painted top. Hot glue a small bead to the tip, and this is what you get.

Success! This is ready for you to glue to your dollhouse ceiling!

And finally, the base of the cap. Simply take your fishing line and attach a clear bead to the bottom, and some jewelry chain to the top. (There are holes in some caps that make this easy-peasy).

Alright! Just hang this bad boy on your dollhouse ceiling.

And you are done! Yay for recycling!

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DIY Dollhouse Patio Furniture

I love to make crafts of all kinds, and my new obsession preoccupation is miniatures. Here’s my first dollhouse furniture set – it is all made of recycled or inexpensive items. I saw the idea for the chairs on Pinterest; they are made of bubbly-wine-cork toppers and are quite easy to make. After I made them, I just had to get them some friends!

So I took the cork from the bubbly, glued on a jar lid, spray painted it gold, and distressed the finish on the top. I made a potted tree from a wine cork covered in jute, a floral pick and pom poms, all hot glued together. The fence is just craft sticks hot glued together on a foam backer. Easy!

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