Upcycled Dollhouse Light Fixtures

Here’s an easy idea for making dollhouse light fixtures; and it’s practically free, and oh so green. Twist off an old cap from a dish soap bottle, and clean it well.

Like this...

Now, split the two pieces apart. It’s easy. Just pull lightly.

Like so. Are you starting to see it?

Next, spray paint the colored top. Leave the base alone.

Gather two beads, some fishing line, and some jewelry chain.

First, we’ll work with the spray painted top. Hot glue a small bead to the tip, and this is what you get.

Success! This is ready for you to glue to your dollhouse ceiling!

And finally, the base of the cap. Simply take your fishing line and attach a clear bead to the bottom, and some jewelry chain to the top. (There are holes in some caps that make this easy-peasy).

Alright! Just hang this bad boy on your dollhouse ceiling.

And you are done! Yay for recycling!


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I'll make it if I have something to make.
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2 Responses to Upcycled Dollhouse Light Fixtures

  1. elizabeth s says:

    This is very clever and I am happy to know that the caps can be reused for something useful as the shape is perfect for a lamp shade!


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