Totally Changeable Necklace: Single- or Multi-Strand, with Pendant or Not!

Here’s a method I thought of to make a totally convertible necklace – you can add as many or few strands as you like and take pendants on and off. Use whatever combination you want, whenever you want!

Here’s how I did it: (Please note this is not meant to be a complete necklace-making tutorial, that’s a lesson for another day!)

1. Start with a clasp of your choice, along with some keychain-style jump rings, and two lobster clasps.

2. Open your jump ring slightly and feed on to one end of your clasp. This may be difficult to do, but just be patient, and you can get it if you have a steady hand (and a strong thumbnail)!

This is what it will look like in progress.

3. Before you finish feeding on the jump ring, take a lobster clasp and feed it on as well. Now slide them both on the jump ring like you would a set of keys on a keychain.

It will look like this.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other end of your clasp.

Additional jump rings are clipped on with the lobster claw – these jump rings will soon be the ends of the necklace strands on both sides of the strands.

5. Make as many or few necklace strands as you want – but here’s the key – each strand will start and end with a jump ring. There will be no clasps on any strand.

Feed your jewelry wire through a crimp bead, through a jump ring, and back through the crimp bead.

Using your crimping pliers, crimp the crimp bead firmly. Repeat on the other end of the strand, using a jump ring for the end of the strand as well.

Clip each end of the strand to each lobster clasp. Then add on as many other strands as you like.

Here’s what the back of the necklace looks like.

And that’s it! I hope you liked my tutorial. Happy Beading!


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